Hi,my name is Tyler and i am a mut.In the classroom Ike has always been on his type writer and he also doesn’t listen.I see him writing all the time and i sall one of his papers and.He describes this place as a torture place,But it is really amazing.He is annoying and acts like a bad dog and is bad.He thinks he is living in prison,but he is living in amazingness. where glad he was caught because he was bad and would cause a lot of trouble.We think you should listen and act right because it is the good thing to do.sincerely The dogs at the Obedience School

My favorite Youtuber Tfue

My person is Tfue.When he grew up he was middle class.He has a youtube channel and plays Fortnite.His physical characteristics  are being able to move his fingers and hands really fast.His personality traits is good at Fortnite People that know him are joey bull brady my brother.He likes to play Fortnite.Faze is his friend.Good at playing Fortnite 9 mill subs.We are alike because we both play Fortnite.We are different because i’am bad a Fortnite he is good at the game.He was not rich when he grew up.source Tfue facts

Dueling Mandates in Yellowstone

At yellowstone park wolves escape every day the get shot they get run over.They lose a number of wolves every day.         So i thought i could make a solution to no make as many wolves die.The best solution is to pout wire fence around the park. The wolves wont be able to get out because of the fence . Put different patrol men in so the animals wont get shot That will also help with wolves dying.People also shouldn’t  be able to feed the wolves either.Because it could make them really sick or they could get hurt.That is my solution to fix the problem.Some pros and cons is what i am going to talk about.A pro is that the part about people feeding the animals.It is a pro because not feeding them is good so they wont get sick.A con is that putting a fence in is a lot of money and really dangerous for the people because of the wolves.And it would also take a long time to build the fence.Another pro is having patrol  is good so people cant hurt the animal.But a con is that people could be rood to the patrol men and could get hurt bad.That is my pros and cons.I chose this solution because i thought it will help not as many wolves die from different things that happen.I also picked it because i want the dying average to go down.I also picked it because it would help the wolves to grow to a bigger average to become bigger so they wont be endangered any more. that is why i picked it.

George Rogers clark

a military leader in the American Revolution that did well

captured British led fort Sackville at vincennes

highest ranking American military officer

he was brave

George Rogers Clark

led small force

remembered as the heroic commander

George Rogers clark militia officer from virgina

George Rogers clark led small force through freezing water


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Martin Luther King Jr Day

On this day I helped my mom clean the dishes I made my lunch I helped my mom by cooking dinner. We should honor Martin Luther King Jr because of what he did for this country trying to stop the color stuff.We honor because he made this world equal for both black and white.He also gave a really good speech it was a really good. He had a dream that his kids wouldn’t be treated by there skin but by the way they act.To also honor they made a statue of him.

The midnight ride

Minutemen were men ready to fight at any time

In concord the rebels hid guns and ammo

Dawes and Paul and Samuel Prescott rode and told people the regulars are coming

n the night when the first shot came
i if British walked by land 1 lantern if by boat 2 lanterns
g guns and the rebels were watching every step the British took
h hundreds and hundreds of men fought in the war
t the mission was to get to Lexington to warn Samuel Adams and John Hancock

r Rider Paul Revere got captured by the British but was let go
i In April 1775 the war took place
d Dawes was one of the riders
e Even though the regulars got a head start on Concord, they still lost.

Colonial ship Building

1606 day 42 Today while we were chopping trees down we came across some deer and rabbits.When we got done
looking at them we went back to chopping trees back down.When we were going back we came across new trees
growing.When we got there we started to make parts for the ship out of the wood.We got down in the lower frame and started to put walls in.We kept putting in floors and walls we also made a long pole.Then we started painting it it started to get dark.What we did was walk around the ship.And then we just started to patch any holes up. we just added the cannons and the beds.And we also put in the lights.We started to put the ropes up and the sails and then the boat was done.A lot of us left and went back to our houses and went to bed.


Bacon was born on JANUARY 2,1647
he was born at FRISTON HALL Suffolk
he had rich parents
BACON dad married ELizabeth Brooke Bacon
received a education at the utiversty Cambridge
Bacon married Elizabeth Duke
Bacon cheated another inheritance
Thomas Bacon gave his son 1,800$ and he sailed across the atlantic
he arrived at virginia
Bacon settled at Jamestown
that is Nathaniel Bacon